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Our Philosophy

Live from within.


We believe that our homes reflect who we truly are.

Our personal spaces give us the peace to accept the imperfection that we all have. As life grows busier and more complicated, home is always sanctuary for us to stay calm and feel connected with ourselves.

Crafting a home that has a sense of belonging can be a slow approach to explore your deepest values and beliefs. Seeking meaningful objects and incorporating them into your surroundings, this way, a home isn’t just about decoration, but an outward manifestation of your inner experience. It’s a place that reflects your authentic self and aspirations.

“ERDA” is named after the earth goddess of the Norse mythology. It symbolizes the abundance that Mother Nature gives us unconditionally as our home supports us the same way. When we have the internal space to feel relaxed and listen to our hearts, we will be more open to embrace new opportunities, have the courage to take actions, and create more changes for our external world.

Life adventure starts at home. And we hope our products encourage you to breathe in wellness and creativity.


About The Designer

Erika Yeh


Erika Yeh is the founder and designer of ERDA.  She received her master’s degree in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in New York and studied Textile Design at the Danish Design School in Copenhagen.

While living in Copenhagen, she was exposed to essential Scandinavian design aesthetics and fell in love with the Nordic way of life.  In those subtle moments like observing cityscape or drawing color palette of the nature, she was inspired to connect natural elements with interior textiles. Since then, the seed of her textile design dream was planted.

She worked seven years as a graphic designer in New York, Chicago and Taipei and gradually shaped the vision of building a brand. With a background in the creative industries and a passion for interior textiles, the calling became clear that she founded ERDA in 2016.

She is currently a textile designer who transfers traditional hand painting artistry to create contemporary surface patterns. Through using an honest approach to design, she is committed to be a more mindful designer for the environment.