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A mood board is an initial creative technique that we do by collecting sketches, images, textures, and colors and put them into an inspiration board. By playing around from time to time, the moment of clarity shows up when we see what elements we are always attracted to.

Hand Painting


Based on intuition, we creating the artwork by hand painting. There are many experiments before we feel the rhythm in the patterns and it is a fun process we enjoy a lot. We appreciate the painterly details of hand drawing and like to keep the texture of strokes and paints as they represent the human touch.

Finalizing The Artwork


We also like to do our pattern repeats the old fashioned way- by hand !

Fabric Printing


This step is handled by renowned Tai Yuen textile company located in Taiwan. We source only natural fabrics and responsible production methods to accomplish our surface artwork. Using digital fabric printing that meets the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, it is non-toxic, very eco-friendly as no ink is wasted, also a method using less water than other textile printing alternatives.



We work with local experienced sewers to put together all the final details. We value working locally and ethically and visit them regularly to ensure the products we create are not only of the highest quality but also are made responsibly.

Final Products


We spend a great deal of time perfecting our products. Everything we do is done with a lot of attention and consideration. Today, a more conscious approach of craftsmanship and quality is the counterweight to mass production. We truly value the whole process because the quality of each product is about a connection between our studio and your home. Most importantly, the products will accompany you as part of your life story.